Continuation - Honour Way Zambia & Malawi June 2016

So as we arrived in the South Luangwa adrenaline already pumping from our journey to Jeki in the Lower Zambezi and onwards arriving in the Luangwa on our way to Kaingo, expectations were set for an incredible few days.

Upon arrival in the National Park we set off for the northern area located deep within the most game-intensive area of the park and just 40 minutes into our ‘transfer’ we were overjoyed with the incredible sight of a pack of Wild Dogs cavorting in the afternoon sunshine and this promptly set the tone for the next few days. The camps are located on the west bank of the Luangwa river opposite the Nsefu sector, completely park bound and without interference from human settlement, it also means that wildlife can follow its natural migrations undisturbed by fishing or hunting by humans. As the days went by we learnt that there were several lion and leopard all resident in this beautifully diverse area and had a good explore both in the vehicle and on foot with incredible sightings setting the pace. 

For those of you less familiar with Zambia and the South Luangwa area. The Luangwa River is one of the major tributaries of the Zambezi River, and one of the four biggest rivers of Zambia and as it dries up through the season you will find animals and their predators congregating around the increasingly fewer pools and the river itself. It was already very clear that it had not been a great rain season as the smaller tributaries of the Luangwa were quickly drying up and the remaining water was filled with hippos and crocs vying for space and we spent some good time watching hippo activity from our famous Hippo Hide. Something which really makes us unique in the area and to be honest Africa is the amount of Hides available for guests to simply sit back and relax in enjoying scenes unfold before their eyes.  This was JUNE and we saw a solid number of lions and leopard just in our area and as such have become very well known with our four-legged neighbours following their activities throughout the years. 

The other key factor noticed by all on this trip was that throughout our time in the Lower Zambezi and the South Luangwa we rarely if ever came across any other vehicles. Now we all know what a treat that really is. Uninterrupted private viewing of the spectacles in front of us… WOW and the awesome guiding levels to match !!!!!  I could rave on and on but it is now time to move on to other areas. First of all for anyone who has the need for a stopover in Lilongwe or Lusaka be it one night or longer or has a longer wait at Lusaka Airport please do look at our Latitude Hotels (13 and 15). There is no better place to hide away from city life than in these beautiful hotels with bars and restaurant to match. 

However, this time we flew from Mfuwe to Lilongwe and transferred pretty much straight away to Likoma Island, Lake Malawi where our home for the next couple of nights was Kaya Mawa. There is nowhere quite like it. For anyone who has not yet visited YOU MUST and see for yourself to believe this strong statement because I can keep telling you how beautiful and relaxing it is here and how you will never quite get your head around the fact you are not on a coast except that the water is fresh but you will be spoiled rotten, blown away and transported to island time within seconds of stepping out of the plane and it is amazing how quickly  your body clock adapts to the gentle pace here BUT your taste buds will be on high alert as Rich and his chef team have really pushed to new heights with his menus. There were 5 of us on this trip and every meal was rather a silent wondrous affair where we took our time to make the experience last as long as possible. Each and every one of us was disappointed when the plate was empty and in one case (no names mentioned) the plate was licked completely clean. He sources all he can locally and is imaginative, experimental, full of different textures and flavours and so very colourful. Literally some of the best food I have tasted in Africa if not ever and Rich and his team definitely deserve all recognition for their utterly scrumptious food. The whole completely relaxing yet exhilarating experience at Kaya Mawa from your welcome to shut eye every evening is truly special and unforgettable and you will not want to leave and for this who do I promise you guests will be planning when they can come back again but remember you do not just combined Kaya Mawa with Zambia as it is also possible to fly from Cape Town in a day and various other locations so do contact us for ideas and more information. 

Zambia and Malawi have something to offer all types of travellers and will not disappoint. We just need help spreading the word more please and if you have not yet been do come and visit soon.