A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Monitoring is an essential part of marketing

TIP: As brands learn how to master the art of online marketing, one thing that often gets forgotten about is monitoring - engaging with consumers requires constant dedication, time and effort.

Monitoring as a vital part of marketing: 

Monitoring your social media channels, review platforms and discussion platforms is a vital aspect of online marketing that often falls by the wayside. It is not enough to just put out content to your readers and forget about it - comments need to be checked regularly and if necessary responded to, deleted (in the case of bad behaviour) or passed onto those in charge that can deal with complaints, compliments or inquiries.

On review platforms such as TripAdvisor it is often all about how a lodge/hotel responds to specific comments, while inquiries directed towards your brand in social media comments or direct messages should be dealt with ASAP. Comment sections also need to be monitored for inappropriate activity so that they don't disintegrate into chaos and taint the good name of your business - this lack of monitoring has seen a number of big media players actually having to disband their comment sections (which could have been avoided had they monitored and managed properly).

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