Top Chefs in Saruni Lodges' Kitchens this July

Special guest chefs will be visiting Saruni lodges this July, training and inspiring our kitchen teams! Milanese couple Cristiana Ariotto and Gianni Minori are the owners and chefs at ‘La Sosta’ Restaurant in beautiful Swellendam in South Africa (

On safari with Saruni, the food is as much a part of the adventure and luxury experience of Kenya as the panoramic, unspoilt views, the abundant wildlife, the enthralling culture. Saruni believes the first thing that crosses the mind of any guest is “WOW! Look where we are!”, followed quickly by, “WOW! Look what we are eating!”. Delicious fresh ingredients, coupled with Italian inspiration and local Kenyan flair in preparation and presentation, create a truly exciting culinary experience that compliments the authentic, luxurious and unique Saruni safari.

Cristiana and Gianni are coming to Saruni to infuse our cooking style and our chefs with their award-winning techniques, training and creativity, as well as some fresh new recipes for our guests to enjoy! To check availability and make a reservation, please contact Buon appetito!