WILD RWANDA : Where to watch bird, primates and other wildlife

Are you looking for a destination that is still firmly African, but is completely different from the normal “safari circuit”?  If so, then Rwanda is your destination, and this newly published book will guide and help you understand the best natural sites in this gem of a country in order to design a different and most fascinating itinerary for yourself, or your clients.

Despite its tragic past, the Rwanda of today is one of Africa’s safest, cleanest, and most stable countries.

A far cry from the dull, text-heavy site guides of the past, this book is copiously illustrated with over 160 spectacular photos that show the regions’ beautiful landscapes, mammals, and birds. There are detailed maps, full chapters on biogeography and trip planning, a specialties section covering the region’s best mammals and birds, and indexed species lists.

This book is concerned not only with guiding you to the best species stakeouts, but also enriching your understanding of Rwanda.  Even someone with no interest in travel will enjoy this glimpse into the mountainous heart of Africa. And this guide is indispensable for anyone planning or considering a trip to Rwanda, whether you are spending a couple of days tracking mountain gorillas, or weeks seeking out the country’s avian riches.

Should you be interested in acquiring a copy or further information about the book please contact christian@africageographic.com