A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Tips for creating great videos

TIP: Video content is becoming more and more popular and is often amongst our top viewed posts here at Africa Geographic. But not every video is created equal...

4 simple tips for creating engaging video content: 

1. Make sure your video serves a purpose - is it full of helpful travel trips, does it inspire through mind blowing imagery or is it simply an account of an unbelievable sighting? Figuring out the story and purpose of your video should be your main priority.

2. Don’t focus on your product - that will reduce views and engagement. Make your videos personal and they are sure to evoke emotion and engagement. Your product will benefit by way of association when you add your brand or message at the end.

3. Keep your videos short - 30 to 90 seconds. Viewers have a short attention span and you need to bring your message across quickly or you will loose your audience.

4. Include your brand messages. Logos at the beginning of a video should be short and snappy while more information including website details should be included at the end. Don't just end your video on a black screen - provide a call to action to get more out of your viewers. 

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