A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Don't create content without context

TIP: When creating content for blog posts and social media, it is important to always include context. This is especially important when it comes to controversial stories and unusual wildlife sightings. 

More on why you should always think about context in your content: 

Content marketing is all the rage but the key to creating good quality content is to always include context. All blog and social media posts should include context that refers to the circumstances and the setting, while providing statements that allow your readers to fully understand the point of each post.

For example, if you are showing a video of a lion attacking a rhino or elephants mourning one of their counterparts, context always needs to be given as to how and why the situation has occurred and what is happening. By providing the appropriate context, readers will not jump to conclusions and you can be seen as an expert in your field. In this way context is not only important for the story, but also for your brand.

Readers cannot be expected to understand the meaning or tone of your posts properly without looking at the context. Thus, the context of an article or social media post is essential to understanding the entire meaning. 

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