Population of Vultures Reducing in the world

Although vultures aren't pretty and lovable, they are among the most essential scavengers in Mother Nature.

Once these birds were feasted on that bad luck - the janitors which feed on decomposing bodies currently are greatly decreasing in number. According to information from a count that was made in September 2015, it revealed that these very useful birds are unfortunately reducing in number across Kampala city the capital of Uganda -. This actually is part of a greater decline in the population of vultures across the world and demonstrates the negative impact of man's development to the creatures of Mother Nature. The generally observed declined number of Vultures on the planet compelled wildlife conservationists to set aside the very first Saturday of the month of September each year to be the World Vulture Day. Despite that, immediate action is required to save the fast declining population of vultures in the world.

Vultures are today facing several threats, and here in Uganda some of the outstanding ones include; demolition of their habitat for human development and settlement, as well as poisoning. Regardless of their gloomy reputation, the vultures offer valuable services in the world. They remove a sizeable portion of the waste in towns as well as cities, as well as pick the carcasses of dead animals such as dogs and cats, indirectly maintaining the numbers of wild dogs down; thus reducing the rate of transmission of diseases including rabies.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to see that we conserve mother Nature and save Vultures!