Kenya Airport Becomes Trap for Ivory Smugglers, Chinese Arrested

Early this week another Chinese coming from the D.R. Congo was arrested at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) thanks to their vigilant security officers. This smuggler was carrying a number of ivory bungles worth 300.000 Kenya Shillings (approximately 3,000 US Dollars) within his baggage.

A couple of days back a similar arrest was conducted as another Chinese traveling to Guangzhou from Cameroon, was found with identical items estimated to cost 60,000 Kenya Shillings.

Also at the start of the month of April, two Chinese were arrested after a canine sniffer unit detected ivory in their luggage at JKIA canine unit sniffed out their contraband stowed in checked baggage.

In March, a shipment was seized with hundreds of kilograms of blood-ivory by the Kenyan officials after they received information from their counterparts at one of the airports in the Far-East. On a Safari in Kenya, Elephants are among the most thrilling animals you will see so poaching needs to end

Unfortunately, majority of the arrested criminals are Chinese citizens currently facing trial and prune to large financial fines as well as long term jail sentences. This however shows that the government of China together with its respective embassies on the African continent is not doing enough to stop the potential buyers they have back in their country.

The government of Kenya will publicly at the end of this month destroy all seized ivory stocks as an international sign that possession of ivory is illegal in their country