Improved home for our Elephant herd

Greetings from Camp Jabulani!

A while ago we reported on the progress of our Elephant stables, which were in the process of being renovated and improved. 

Well, we are excited to inform you that this project is now done and dusted.  Our Elephant herd, who has grown exponentially in size, as well as in numbers since their arrival a decade ago, are more relaxed and comfortable in their new and more spacious home.

The new stables consist of four independent areas and a structured roof, for protection against thunder storms. Each area are connected to a communal outdoor paddock area to allow the Elephants more freedom to move around.  The entire length of the stables is cleverly sloped on one side in order for the Elephants to access the covered area from any point. The slope also creates a natural resting place for the elephants to lie against.

As Elephants will be Elephants, they still prefer to be outside, relaxing and lying in the sandy areas during the day.  At night when they go into the stables for shelter, they still stay close to each other regardless of their more spacious home.

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