A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: You need to have a solid plan for visuals

TIP: Content marketing is nothing without great visuals. It is vital to source an ongoing resource of visuals - videos, graphics and photos to promote your brand and products.  

Further information about the visual bias in content marketing:

Great visuals really help to tie your content together and get it noticed by your audience. Images can help to break blogs up into easily readable chunks, videos can be embedded into blog posts for contextual references and awesome images and graphics can be posted onto Facebook, tweeted or pinned to better highlight your blog content - leading audiences to the message you want them to receive.

In 2016, smart brands will focus on visuals in their content marketing plans, which will be an integrated part of their overall marketing strategy, and not just an afterthought. It’s no longer enough to just throw up a picture on a blog post. Brands need an image strategy that works across the various marketing platforms, in order to engage with audiences.

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