A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Build your brand through great video content

TIP: Video is the next big thing in media and marketing, and should be a focus going forward.   

More about telling your brand stories through video:

You don't have to spend thousands to create great video content. Simple but engaging videos can be created with a few awesome applications while stock video content can be also be bought to supplement what you have, a collection of photos can be turned into a short video or pair up with videographers in media-exchanges to get content for your lodge or tour operator business.

The stories you can tell through video are limitless. A good first video introduces your brand and who you are, fun campaign videos show the highlights of your business and day to day activities and stories by your guests, staff and guides help to humanise your brand.

Short 360 degree videos allow a platform where your product can be quickly viewed and showcased while emotional takes showing the good work you do in your community can help to inspire audiences and build trust.

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