Uganda Safe for Tourism | Safari in Uganda

We are pleased to tell you that Destination Uganda after the just concluded presidential election that may have triggered anxiety now and again has stayed safe and continues to be secure and peaceful.

Several local plus international tourists that were preparing to take a Safari in Uganda could have felt somewhat insecure however we are happy to tell you that this country is very safe and calm!

Ugandan have kept a very calm environment that is suitable for those going for a Safari in Uganda. Despite the bad anticipations, the people of Uganda have preserved a very high level of Peace and tranquility to the extent several local plus international travelers carried on with their holiday plans even on the day of voting (18th February 2016). This was in fact an excellent conduct by the Ugandans which actually is not common particularly among majority of the developing countries on the African continent that have not yet achieved full political development.

All possible steps have been implemented to make sure that international plus local tourists are secure. A team of Tourism police officers comprising of about 1200 properly trained police officers has been established exclusively to keep security of all Uganda's tourist sites plus tourists visiting Uganda.

Therefore don’t be discouraged by any means, Join us today and enjoy a memorable Uganda Safari Experience because this country is very safe.