Uganda Receives Over 1 Million Pounds for Wildlife Conservation

Uganda prides in a great diversity of wildlife which is one of the key pull factors for tourists that travel from different parts of the continent to enjoy a Safari in Uganda. The Uganda Conservation Foundation one of the leading NGO’s in Uganda is going to receive a big fund of towards the conservation of wildlife in Uganda.

The government of Britain OFFERED a total sum of 1.5 million pounds to Uganda to help fight any unlawful trafficking of different wildlife products particularly ivory which in the past has been smuggled from hinterland countries on the African continent such as South Sudan and D.R. Congo through Uganda.  

In the recent years, the Ugandan government has tried to contain poaching with just a few instance that have been pointed out, unlike several other countries within the east African region where thousands of elephants have been brutally murdered and their tusks sold on the black market. Actually Elephant are among Africa's Big Five animals to see on a Uganda Safari

In 2014, Uganda participated in the Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade held in London, during which Britain promised to offer 13 million pounds to assist African countries conserve wildlife. Rory Stewart the minister of Environment in UK announced the fund made towards Uganda through the uganda Conservation Fund