Kenya Airways to boost operations with new flight schedule

Kenya Airways to boost operations with new flight schedule.

As part of its transformation program, Kenya Airways announces several flight scheduling changes that will take effect from 27th March 2016. The changes are expected to boost connectivity for our passengers in Africa by at least 20 %.

The changes take into account the reopening of the Nairobi’s JKIA runway which was undergoing an upgrade by the Kenya Airports Authority that saw it closed for six hours daily, from 12 midnight to 6 AM for a year.

Kenya Airways will now operate more hours of the day, thereby ensuring efficient use of its aircraft and crew. Through this, there will be room for an increase in flight frequencies to some cities in its network, especially in Africa. More flights during the day make for more options to connect between destinations.

Kenya Airways’ Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Mbuvi Ngunze said the rationale behind this hub redesign program is to augment operations as the company seeks to return to profitability in the next two years.

Africa is the main beneficiary of the changes, allowing for better connectivity into Europe and Asia. Intra Africa connectivity will also be enhanced by the new schedule.

Please visit our website to see the comprehensive changes to our flights schedule.