GoPro film Virtual Reality 360 degree rhino release

Have you thought about joining an exciting Rhinos Without Borders rhino release?

It is a wild and exciting experience but a little difficult to attend. Now is your chance to join in on this amazing experience.

In association with GoPro and the Great Plains Foundation, there is an opportunity that allows you to be in the midst of a rhino relocation from your sitting room.

Rhinos Without Borders is a project moving 100 rhino from areas of high poaching and now drought conditions to the safety of remote regions deep within Botswana’s wilderness. With a poaching rate of one rhino every 7 hours these moves are critical to the survival of the species and using the latest GoPro technology they have produced a Virtual Reality experience that enables you to join in as if you were with us, standing alongside our experts and being talked through the process by Dereck Joubert, who is the CEO of Great Plains Conservation.

We hope that you enjoy it.


This is a joint initiative between Great Plains Conservation and andBeyond.

If you would like to support the Rhinos Without Borders initiative please go to /