Ghana Simplifies Visa Rules for African Union Member-States

John Dramani Mahama the president of Ghana, has announced that starting this July, anyone who arrives in his country with a valid passport from any of the African Union Member countries will be offered a 30 days Visa

The Republic of Ghana has followed the example of Rwanda and just a couple of days back announced that all African Union member-state citizens can now obtain a visitor pass (Visa) on arrival in the country saving them from the trouble of prior application for a visa.

Rwanda is among the commonly visited African Safari Destinations, effectively implemented their new change, without any recognized additional risks across international-border and their internal security. So Ghana which is eager to take advantage of the Africa's tourism potential appears to have copied this as well.

Only the Seychelles, which is likewise a member-state of the African Union, is the only country that doesn’t need a Visa from anyone regardless of their nationality. Although the immigration department of Seychelles demands a return ticket plus confirmed hotel reservation, in addition to a certificate to prove vaccination of yellow fever for all its travelers visiting it, a chance to enter this beautiful archipelago is not all challenging.

Now these recent Visa rules that have been in-acted by Ghana are going to specifically benefit travelers from the Africa continent. This is a huge achievement especially on this continent where most countries usually make it more challenging for fellow African nationals to enter their countries in comparison to the visitors from other continent including Asia, America, Europe and the Gulf.