Jenman African Safaris Introduces Grow Africa Initiative

It is with great enthusiasm that we at Jenman African Safaris would like to announce the Grow Africa initiative.  Grow Africa is an altruistically driven programme aimed at social, economic and environmental development.

The Grow Africa initiative is a non-profit organisation aimed at the development of local communities in the Southern Africa. Grow Africa has also collaborated with Pack for a Purpose  to work on a series of projects aimed at building up local and international communities.

With so many issues afflicting our planet, changing the world is not an easy feat. As such, we at Grow Africa have decided to start right on our own door step with the young pupils of Rosemead Primary School. The school is largely attended by children from the lower income townships situated in Cape Town, and is lacking basic facilities to educate and develop their pupils. 

Grow Africa feels that children have a right to an environment that: facilitates their development and maximises their potential, is happy and supportive where they are cared for, and allows them to grow and feel secure. To ensure such an environment, Grow Africa has created the Big Five Afterschool Club.

The club meets on a weekly basis to provide the children with fun and educational games, help them with their studies and even improve their eco-environment knowledge. Many of these children have never had the opportunity to experience the natural beauty that Cape Town has to offer. The club has organised several eco-outings for the children where they will get to visit some of the great nature parks around Cape Town. All costs are paid for by the club and an experienced guide is appointed to help educate the children on the region’s fauna and flora.

To find out more about Grow Africa, the Big Five Afterschool Club and Jenman African Safaris, please contact us at