Great Plains announce opening of Duba Expedition Camp

We have broken ground and excited to announce a new camp for Botswana's Okavango Delta, which will open on 6th April 2016.

In keeping with the theme and style established first with Selinda Explorers Camp and then Mara Toto, we want to expand this style within our brand. Duba Expedition Camp however will be at a higher level - higher and better than the current Duba Plains Camp actually.

Duba Expedition Camp will be made up of six tents under light cotton canvas, each with en-suite facilities and larger guest sleeping areas than what we presently have at Duba Plains Camp. The new site is set on the banks of a floodplain and river just over a kilometre away from the present camp, with easy access to water based activities (subject to flood levels) and the main island where our guides spend most of their game viewing drives now.

This fixed-base camp has tents powered by solar, inverter and battery systems, which will supply lights, fans and charging facilities for cameras, etc. The main area is a large, relaxed combination of dining and lounge tents shaded by mature ebony trees. In April, when this camp is completed, all our existing Duba Plains Camp bookings will automatically shift across to the new camp.

This is what Duba Plains has needed: a new design that takes us back to authentic safari styles of a 1920’s high-end expedition.

We will use this new opportunity of Duba Expedition Camp, to then completely rehabilitate the current site of Duba Plains Camp. We will take it down to nothing, remove all the remnants of 20 years of old materials, systematically walk and select a perfect new location, sightlines and orientations for a new Duba Plains Camp that will see each tent as a bespoke and unique design. The new Duba Plains Camp will be opened only when it is 100% ready: a camp that takes green design to the limits. Expect an opening late 2016.