A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Create shareable content

TIP: Don't get lost in the sea of content - only post photos or write blogs that you, your audience and the general public will want to share with their friends! 

Further information about creating shareable content:

No one wants to share that image of your new game drive vehicle with their friends - so why are you wasting your time posting it? We as humans have the need to connect, converse, share and socialise with other human beings - tap into this need with your content and you are on to a winner!

Focus on content that either solves a problem (for example "How to make your safari more affordable"), offers up unique tips and tricks (i.e. "10 things to see in Kampala"), is simply one-of-a-kind (for instance "Leopard steals a honey badger's kill") or is inspirational (along the lines of "Why we are dreaming of the Seychelles").

Would you share your article? If not then what makes you think your audience will want to?

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