Let’s all do the Congo!

Kamili is delighted to announce a partnership with Congo Conservation Company (CCC), to market their three Odzala Discovery Camps in Congo-Brazzaville.

Odzala is a near-mythical place of astounding biodiversity - a place few people have ever had the chance to visit. Odzala Discovery Camps are proud to be able to provide a unique opportunity to visit the forests of the Congo Basin, in safety and comfort.

Clients can explore the towering forests, crystal-clear streams and expansive open savannah of north-west Congo to track western lowland gorillas through pristine rainforest and discover a mosaic of grasslands and waterways. These luxury camps have significantly raised accommodation standards in the region, as Odzala is an pioneering, exciting, adventurous and yet safe ‘product’.

LANGO CAMP : A beautiful 6-roomed Camp nestled in dense gallery forest overlooking the productive Lango Bai and with access to the Lekoli River and the surrounding savannah.

NGAGA CAMP : A delightful Camp consisting of 6 rooms that rests in a glade within primary forest above the Ngaga Stream and within the home ranges of several groups of western lowland gorillas, two of which are habituated.

MBOKO CAMP : Our largest Camp, Mboko’s 12 guest rooms extend along the banks of a free-flowing tributary of the Lekoli River.

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