Great Plains Young Explorers

We know that safaris are a considerable expense, and when there are little ones involved it becomes more even more so for the parents that have made an informed choice to widen their children's knowledge and experiences. So that is why from today going forward, for all new reservations, we have removed the need for families to book a private vehicle at all of our camps in Kenya and Botswana. This will still be subject to the minimum age requirements, which vary from camp to camp (see our revised rates sheet for individual camp requirements).

At all of our camps we have a Great Plains Young Explorers Programme, making the most of the camp's individual locale and experiences available. This can be summed up by a very experience safari specialist, who took his family to our camps in Botswana last year:

"The kids programme was simply the best of its kind that we have ever seen, someone should be very proud of that, not just 'spot a few animals and their tracks and colour them in', but a real in-depth journey through a great variety of flora and fauna, trees, stars, etc., mixed in with local language and culture. Sid's test on his last day was studiously prepared for!"

Sid passed!


All of the Great Plains Conservation properties have units that will take two adults and one child sharing, or one adult and two children sharing*. We have dedicated two-bedroom units accommodating larger families at Selinda Camp and Zarafa Dhow Suites in Botswana; Mara Plains Camp and ol Donyo Lodge in Kenya.