What to Do on a Visit to the Twin Lakes in Rwanda

The twin lakes are Burera and Ruhondo which are located in Ruhengeri very close to volcanoes national park.

They are referred to as the twin lakes because they are interconnected at a point where one lake pours water into the other.

The lakes are located right at the foot of Mountain Sabyinyo, Muhabura, Bisoke and Gahinga. They are extremely beautiful, surrounded by the mountains and a very beautiful forest. The lakes are fishing grounds and this makes them not only important to those on Safari in Rwanda but also to the nearby local communities. The lakes are usually visited as an additional activity after a gorilla tracking Safari.

Additional Activities to Enjoy here include

Bird watching

Safari goers that love birding should visit this place as it offers a unique bird watching experience during which they will have an opportunity to see hundreds of different bird species.

Boat rides

Rides are done in the locally dug canoes to the different islands you will visit on these lakes. the canoe ride will also offer you a chance to enjoy the beautiful landscape, and even see a couple of  water animals.

Enjoy the scenery

You can spend your time just enjoying the beauty of this scenic place. The whole view is very spectacular as majority of the farmlands are terraced. By visiting some of the islands on these lakes you will meet some of the local people that stay there. They are mainly fishermen and live an extremely traditional life and so they are the perfect people to visit in this place if you wish to understand the indigenous life style of Rwanda.