An update on Stompie and Balu at HESC

The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) has two new inmates.
On 11 November a young bull arrived in a critical condition with severe injuries to his hindquarters, sustained in what we believe was a hyena attack. The new baby was affectionately named “Stompie” by Christo (HESC’s curator) and his team. Stompie is estimated to be around seven months old.
Shortly after Stompie arrived at HESC, a tiny baby, whom we named Balu, arrived on the night of 17 November after having been stabilised by Dr. Rogers, our wildlife veterinarian. Balu was thought to be just two weeks old, and weighed barely 54 kilograms. Judging by how thin he was, he probably survived on his own for a number of days. We have no further information on the circumstances leading to him being orphaned.
HESC is happy to report that the two youngsters are doing well. They now share a boma and seem very comfortable with each other. At night staff members take turns to check on Balu. They both also drink well. Stompie, who now weighs 240 kg, takes 3 litres of milk every three hours, while Balu at 56 kg drinks 700 ml every three hours. Stompie’s wounds are slowly healing and we believe he will fully recover. Both are taken for walks every day and enjoy that very much. Balu even had his first mud bath a few days ago!