A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Everyone likes a great story!

TIP: Have you noticed how people sit forward and focus when you say “Let me tell you a story”? Content marketing is all about just that - telling great stories to your clients and future clients.  

Further information about using story-telling to gain attention:

Content becomes great marketing material when it meets a need or use for the reader - be it in the form of new information about an animal they love, travel tips and advice about a destination they are thinking of visiting or just pure entertainment in the form of an animal sighting. The trick is to get the reader to engage with your content - and story telling is one of the most effective methods to do that!

Think less about adjectives and more about the essence of what you are trying to communicate, and the flow of your story. Story telling requires skill and practice - and we are here to help you tell great stories to gain clients and improve brand awareness. Great images with captions make your story easier to follow while pictures and videos increase the virality of a post.

Everyone loves a good story!

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