Victoria Falls Will Not Dry Up!

SPECULATION in local and social media that Victoria Falls may be drying up is entirely false, says African Travel and Tourism Association chairman Ross Kennedy.
Victoria Falls will never become “Victoria Walls”, as locals self-deprecatingly joke, Mr Kennedy said. Perhaps October madness may be getting the better of some of those suggesting otherwise, he added.
Mr Kennedy said that according to local river experts the facts are:

 There will always be water in Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwean side between the Livingstone statue and Livingstone Island.

- Traditionally, Victoria Falls is at its driest at this time of year, and often before the rainy season begins, the Zambian side does come close to drying up, with just a small amount of water flowing over in some places. This is simply because the Falls are slightly lower on the Zimbabwean side.

- However, due to exceptionally low rainfall in the catchment area during the last rainy season, the water level is at its lowest since 1996.

- The water levels will continue to drop as usual until the rains start in the catchment area north of Victoria Falls.

So rest assured, Victoria Falls deservedly remains one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and nothing can change that.