Golden monkeys in the Volcanoes – Rwanda Safaris

The golden monkey is a very beautiful but also rare animal that is scientifically called cercopithecus Kandti and its one of the world’s oldest monkey species found in the Virung mountains.

These can be seen on your safari in Rwanda.  Researchers believe they were subspecies of the blue monkey since they are very similar except in color. The males have that dark golden- orange color almost turning into red on the backs and sideways but the females are lighter but same color.

Where to track golden monkeys.

The golden monkey trek is mainly done in Rwanda and in Uganda’s Mgahinga on a small scale. The habituated golden monkeys are open to tourists and the experience will be the same as that you have when you go gorilla or chimpanzee trekking.

In Rwanda, the activity starts early morning daily with two groups each taking a  maximum of 16 people. you will set off with ranger guides into the jungle and follow the trails. Once you find them, you will spend an hour in their midst

How golden monkeys live

They often stay in groups of over 600 members but with each group are subdivisions of smaller bands of about 70 members and each always has one adult alpha just like most other primates.

Those that are interested in the wildlife should never miss out on the golden monkey trek when you visit the Volcanoes National Park.