Chimps in Ngamba Sanctuary Undergo Medical Check Up

All chimpanzees in the Ngamba Island sanctuary have been undertaking their health examinations for the last few months. This exercise is done every year with help from a group of veterinary doctors and it’s intended to evaluate each one of their health status. The chimpanzees now very much aware of what happens during the time and many don’t like it which is why the Veterinary doctors go an extra mile to identify new ways to charm and allure the chimpanzees to be examined. Them too just like human, don’t really like it at the doctor’s!

During this exercise, Chimpanzee Trust works with veterinary volunteers and health professionals who have different knowledge and experiences. This year round, Dr. Thalita Calvi, a wildlife veterinarian from Brazil will join them.

They are almost through with the exercise and the good news is that all that have been examined have been pronounced healthy. This year, the biggest health issue has been the dental problems in that most of those juvenile chimpanzees and some adult females had issues with the teeth that they had to be extracted so they can leave healthy. There were a few more treatments prescribed to them to cure minor health issues.

To keep the sanctuary running, there are number charitable events organized through which money is collected for instance the last one was the first ever children’s festival hosted by chimpanzee Trust with activities like face painting, donkey and camel rides, variety of games, a mobile zoo and dancing competitions.