A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Be clever with your WiFi password

TIP: Did you ever think that your WiFi password could be a marketing tool? Well it can. 

Find out how to make your WiFi password work for you:

During a recent trip, our CEO was told that the WiFi password was 'tripadvisorplease' - this immediately got him thinking, prompting him to write a TripAdvisor review for the hotel. Other great WiFi passwords could be your twitter handle, a hashtag that you are trying to promote or a small reminder such as - 'happyhour4-6'?

In our opinion, your WiFi password should be made available to any guest, free of charge. By having free internet your guests are sure to share pictures of their stay on social media and write reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor. This is a guest source of referral marketing at your fingertips!

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