Discover Jenman African Safari’s new Madagascar itinerary: Beach and Lemur Exquisite Package

We have launched an exciting new Madagascar package that allows guests the chance to get a real feel for the entire island of Madagascar, starting with three relaxing days in the north. Unwind on a sunny beach, feel the hot Madagascan sun on your skin, go scuba diving in turquoise waters and discover its exotic underwater ecosystem.

Next up, explore the thick forest of Andasibe in the east of Madagascar, which is home to the famous Indri lemurs as well as many endemic fauna and flora species. Guests can also enjoy morning and night walks through the green, tropical vegetation. A special highlight is a visit to the Reptile & Butterfly farm.

A short city orientation tour allows visitors to learn about the Capital of Madagascar known as the ‘City of Thousands’ where the island’s first king started to unify the different kingdoms.

Finally, a cultural experience awaits in the south of Madagascar with a visit to the sacred Antandroy forest and the tombs of the Antandroy ancestors – which is accompanied by a local village chief. The informed guide will give detailed insight about the culture of ancestor worship. Visit a bustling local market, a big event among locals, and watch the sunset over the Baobabs. Nights are spent in luxury tents on river banks surrounded by the quiet and peace of nature – interrupted only by occasional shrieks of playing lemurs.

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