A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: So what is content marketing, in a nutshell?

TIP: Content marketing is the use of content to reach your target audience in order to yield defined business results (brand building and sales). 

Further information about content marketing in a nutshell:

Content marketing is typically done via a strategically planned and executed strategy to produce and distribute content using a variety of your own and third party online platforms - including websites, social media platforms and newsletters. Like every other marketing strategy, content marketing involves organic and paid aspects.

Content marketing is a long-term strategy that is more cost-effective than conventional forms of marketing, builds longer-term relationships with customers and results in more visits over the long term to your online platforms.

Compared to more conventional marketing activities, content marketing utilises a higher degree of customisation / targeting and conversation with your target audience.

In other words, you don’t advertise and shout at your target audience, you share and discuss.

5 tips for better content marketing:

1. Collaborate with owners of large relevant and engaged audiences

2. It’s about quality, not quantity

3. Great pictures and video are important, even if you have a good story

4. When it comes to post length, less is more

5. Have a strategy, be consistent and evolve as you go.

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