A chance to join the ground breaking Expedition Okavango and Row for Rhinos

Passage to Africa is proud to support Expedition Okavango being undertaken by their partner guide, Josh Iremonger and Guide Daniel Dugmore.

The expedition is a three month canoe descent of the Cubango-Okavango River Basin; which will involve battling six crocodile and hippo infested rivers, three African countries (Angola, Namibia and Botswana) and navigating some of Africa’s least explored areas. The journey will cover the full 1,700 km length of this river system beginning in May this year. This will be the first expedition to canoe the entire length from the source to sea (of sand); the Kalahari desert.

Many have heard of the world’s 1000th CITES world heritage site the Okavango but few think about or relate to where the water comes from. Until ten years ago Angola struggled through a thirty year long civil war that caused destruction, poverty and large scale exploitation of wildlife out of desperation and hunger. Expedition Okavango will bring to light the untold story of the Cubango-Okavango River Basin.

From the source in the highlands of Angola Josh Iremonger and Daniel Dugmore will document the journey by using video, photography and written journals. Josh and Daniel are using their expedition to raise awareness for the charity Rhinos Without Borders and have set themselves the target of raising $75,000 through their expedition.

One of the very exciting aspects of their journey is the opportunity for adventurous spirits to join Josh and Daniel at two separate points of the Expedition while in Botswana.

Trans Okavango Canoe Itinerary - Group One, 08 - 15 June 2015

Trans Okavango Canoe Itinerary - Group Two, 15 - 21 June 2015

There are still a few seats left and this is the last chance to book.

‚Ä®Further details, prices and bookings can be made by contacting Nicky Williams at Passage to Africa, the team@passagetoafrica.com