Global Development Workshops - Be Part of Something in 2015

The Responsible Safari Co. has designed two brand new itineraries for 2015 aimed at educating and engaging groups on vital development issues affecting the world today. The itineraries are based on Future Earth’s model of sustainable development and environmental conservation. 

Groups can choose an all-encompassing overview of development, or an in-depth focus on one or two areas, including (though not limited to) workshops on:

- Wildlife and Environmental Conservation

- Healthcare

- Education

- Fair Trade and Sustainable Agriculture

- Sanitation and Water Management

The workshops are aimed at University Students looking to complement their studies with practical experience, and Corporate groups hoping to learn more about sustainability and fair trade issues that affect their business environment.

The studies take place in an environment that is hands-on and participatory, encouraging groups to actively learn and develop life-skills including communication, adaptability and leadership. By linking groups together with on-the-ground ‘agents of change’ in workshops and experiences, we promote transformational learning and personal development.

* There is no set itinerary though we can make suggestions based on your interests, group age and size. 

Download the full University Travel Brief here
Download the full Corporate Travel Brief here


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