A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: The rise of video in travel content marketing

TIP: Marketing experts predict that online video is poised for massive growth as a content marketing tool and Cisco says that video will make up 69% of consumer internet traffic by 2017. Most social media platforms now host video content and smart phones are the chosen viewing device for most people.

Further information about how to make the most of video as a travel content marketing tool:

1. Keep it short. Consider a 6 second clip to get a simple message cross, up to 2 minutes for a more complicated message and 5 minutes at the most to tell a story.

2. Be creative, bold and real

3. Unless your clip is of an unscripted event, be sure to plan your video and know what you’re trying to achieve

4. Consider buying a GoPro or two and incentivise your staff/clients to have some fun – although professional camera crew and good lighting do make a huge difference

5. Preferably use a professional for post-production work

6. Embed your video on your website and promote across multiple social media channels.

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