Siringit Kilimanjaro Golf and Safari Retreat

The latest gem, quite possibly the crown jewel, in the Onsea House collection.
On the Kilimanjaro Golf and Wildlife Estate, where majestic Mount Kilimanjaro overlooks more than 1,000 acres of African bush, the team behind Onsea House and Machweo Wellness Retreat & Fine Dining were inspired to aim for new heights in refinement.
Siringit is the Masai word for ‘endless plains’ or ‘the place where the land runs forever’. The vast grassland plains, acacia-studded savannas, wooded hills and mountains that fill everyone with awe and make for everlasting impressions. It is exactly that feeling we aim to give in our new retreat, an overwhelming experience and an almost surreal serenity.
We have been welcoming the first guests since July 2014 and reactions from agents and clients have been overwhelming positive. With a record number of nominations for the Safari Awards 2016 as a result.
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