Jake Grieves-Cook: The Conservancy Concept

The future outlook for wildlife in Kenya has greatly improved in recent years with the realisation that expanding the area of protected habitat for wild animals is vital if they are to continue to survive in their present numbers.

The movement to establish new wildlife conservancies beyond the parks is an important and positive step in providing a safe haven in which wildlife can increase.

The renowned elephant conservationist Cynthia Moss has written recently:

“The establishment of the conservancies in Kenya has been the single most successful conservation initiative since the creation of national parks in the 1940′s. Conservancies protect land for Kenya’s wildlife and even more important create sanctuaries of safety. In addition conservancies bring benefits in the form of direct payments and jobs to the people who share the land with wildlife”.

The main reason for declines in wildlife globally, and in Kenya, is the massive increase in human population in the past 40 years which means that human activities now have a far greater impact on wildlife habitat and the environment than ever before!

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