Great recent wildlife sightings in Botswana

We have been experiencing great sightings at Belmond Safari lodges. Belmond Khwai River Lodge's guests have been lucky to see a male lion fiercely protecting 2 different kills from hyena and watched in amazement as the hyena worked as a team to outwit the lion and steal the kills.  Big breeding herds of elephants are constantly in the area and we have also been treated to sightings of side striped jackal, honey badger and porcupine near the lodge.

Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge they have been privileged to see a pack of 21 wild dogs and a pride of 13 lions plus all the general plains game and some leopard sightings. They are also fortunate to see a herd of 50 elephants looking for water.

The flowing of the Savute Channel has brought an amazing change to the Savute area. We are experiencing different species of game plus large number of the various game that visit the area and every month of the year making Savute an exciting place to visit year round.