A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Travelers NEED your content

TIP: Providing useful and inspirational content to travelers fills a NEED and is a massive marketing opportunity for travel marketers – to go along with your advertising campaigns.

Further Information about this Week's Online Marketing Tip:

Travelers need your content because:

1.     During the trip planning stage the NEED is for inspiration and information – which will help them make decisions about where, what and how.

2.     During their holiday your guests NEED to share their experiences on social media with their friends and networks.  Guests will use your content during this phase to reply to queries from their friends about where they are.

3.     After their holiday the NEED is to reminisce, show off and start planning their next holiday.  Again, your content can shape that process and provide information and inspiration for your guests’ friends and families.

The trick is to get your content out there as far and wide as possible, so that current and future guests can use it to enrich their social media activities and plan their holidays.


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