Just a Drop launches Mums Army Campaign to support Mums in Africa

International water aid charity, Just a Drop is launching a ‘Mums Army’ fundraising campaign on Mother’s Day 2015, with the target to raise £250,000.

Unveiled by the charity’s founder, Fiona Jeffery and TV presenter, Alexander Armstrong, the campaign will see mums across the UK enlisting to join a Mums Army, to help mothers in Africa obtain clean drinking water – a potential lifesaver for families in poor regions around the world, especially when you consider that a child dies every 20 seconds from a water-related disease.

Armstrong said: “I am delighted to be spearheading the launch of the Just a Drop Mums Army. Through it we aim to unite the mums of the world and focus our attention on the role clean water plays in all our lives. We want to give all mums the same access to clean safe water that we take for granted. Any contribution - however small - can make a world of difference. Come and join us, the Mums Army needs YOU! “

Explaining the thinking behind the campaign Fiona said: “Perhaps the most uniting role in the world is that of the mum in her family and community. It’s the same all around the globe and we’re asking mums in this country to help mums in Africa keep their children safe and secure and offer them as good a chance as possible in life.

“Just a Drop currently works in Uganda, Kenya and Zambia and a Mums Army will, we believe, be one of the most formidable forces ever gathered to help mums in those countries overcome the life threatening challenges of access to clean water.”

For more information about the campaign, please visit: www.mumsarmy.org