A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: 7 ways to succeed on TripAdvisor

TIP: TripAdvisor is the default review site for travellers, so knowing how to make the most of your membership is key to succeeding on that platform.

Further Information about this Week's Online Marketing Tip:

1. Keep your TripAdvisor content updated and fresh

2. Respond immediately to reviews (positive and negative) and be polite and professional at all times

3. Learn from negative reviews and change what needs to change

4. Encourage guests to post reviews by requesting them to do so when they check out, by distributing TripAdvisor comment cards and by providing links to your TripAdvisor profile in your post-trip emails

5. Display your TripAdvisor certificates prominently on your website, social media profiles, brochures and at the reception/checkout areas of your establishment

6. Track your TripAdvisor Popularity Index, which is primarily a reflection of the quality, quantity and age of your reviews, and get to know what drives this important rating mechanism

7. Finally, nothing generates great reviews better than providing great service!


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