TFC News

TFC are committed to developing new products to make your lives as easy as possible. These products include the mid-morning departure we will offer all year with the exception of April, May, November and 1 - 15 December. This new service allows those that arrived on KLM or Turkish to relax and not feel pressured into commencing their safari at first light and those arriving from Nairobi on PW or KQ the chance to seamlessly connect to Lake Manyara or the Serengeti. Also we will be dropping our minimums on the Serengeti - Tarime and vice versa services. These will drop to 2 pax. We will be developing rates similar to our Afternoon services for the Maasai Mara link.

Whilst we constantly strive to innovate and improve, at all times, we are noticing certain patterns in our business. Some of our innovations include:

• Premium+ Class allowing pax 30Kg of checked Luggage

• TFC400 Mid morning flight from Arusha and Kilimanjaro to Manyara and the Serengeti

• TFC601 Afternoon flights from Kilimanjaro and Arusha to Manyara and ALL airstrips in Serengeti.

• TFC602 Evening flight from Serengeti via Lake Manyara to Kilimanjaro and Arusha for evening connections to PW, KLM and Turkish from JRO.

• Catering on Charters, where appropriate, we provide a complimentary homemade snack meal.

As it is in everyone's interest that we remain in operation,  the hard decision has been taken to suspend The TFC601 and TFC602 flights in April. We have been offering these flights for quite some time now, and the market does not demonstrate that they require them at these times, so it should not cause you too much inconvenience.