News from Marasa Africa lodges - Mweya Safari lodge

Mweya Safari Lodge as part of the Marasa Africa lodges in Uganda has teamed up with Balloon Tours Ltd. to make hot-air ballooning possible and affordable in UGANDA!

We will be offering balloon safaris in in Queen Elizabeth National park from Mweya Safaris Lodge. The take-off point is approx. 10 kms from the Lodge, near one of the salt lakes. Maximum capacity will be 16 people to begin with, and a later addition of a 24 People capacity balloon will be added.

Prices include a bush breakfast prepared by Mweya Safari lodge and last approximately an hour.

It’s time we get a new perspective of the incredible landscape that is Queen Elizabeth National park in Uganda. Premier Safaris are also including the Balloon Safari from Mweya as part of their western wonderland programmes within Uganda. for lodge information, or contact Premier Safaris for full package tours including Balloon Safaris in Uganda.