Health Safaris are all the rage now

Choosing a safari itinerary where you can keep in shape is becoming increasingly popular among discerning travelers who don’t want to arrive back home carrying excess baggage.  At least that’s what our clients are constantly telling us.  Indeed it’s what we’re demanding ourselves having been on so many incredible safaris across southern Africa.  But then again what constitutes a healthy safari for some is not necessarily the same for others.  Let’s explore where the balance is.

Herewith some excerpts from an article written by Luke Brown, Vayeni, Zimbabwe 

The Traditional Safari

The traditional safari has always placed a strong emphasis on ensuring that guests never go hungry.  

People want less starch and less sugar

Whilst it’s considered a treat to indulge when on holiday the majority of safari travelers nowadays don’t want their diets drastically changed for the few weeks they are away from home.

People want to exercise

In the same way that people are becoming conscious about keeping their diets when they go on safari many are also demanding that they maintain their level of fitness.  

How are the clever safari camps and lodges responding?

Lighter meals, gluten and lactose free foods, better designed menus, buffets with a wide range of organic foods, freshly squeezed fruit juices, smoothies… name it…..

On top of this some safari lodges and camps have come up with novel ways and activities that allow their guests to stay fit yet still remain safe whilst on safari.  Al fresco bush gyms are starting to catch on....  

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Thank you to Zarafa Camp, Great Plains Safaris, Botswana for the picture