As The Nights Draw In.....

As summer turns to autumn with evenings getting darker, all is not yet lost. Honour Way Clients have some amazing temptations planned for half term just weeks away followed swiftly by Christmas around the corner. 

Tongabezi Lodge

‘You have not truly discovered a country until you have partied with its people’  … ok so just maybe we totally made that up but Tongabezi accepts any excuse for a good party. Who doesn't like ridiculously sumptuous five course meals, spirited traditional dance and a little fun involving varying degrees of rhythm and tribal drums?

Kaya Mawa 

As the seasons change, we look forward to the festive celebrations creeping ever closer. The team at Kaya Mawa will welcome guests and treat them to a Christmas “Likoma style”.  Away from the hustle & bustle of the city high street stores, the festive island vibe here will be of a rather different pace.

So......  why not hold off putting your shorts and sandals away and see if our clients can tempt you away.