Luxurious & unique Madagascar Barefoot Luxury Kayak Adventure – with Jenman African Safaris

Jenman African Safaris in conjunction with Madagascar Classic Collection offer a unique and once-in-a-lifetime barefoot luxury kayak journey through the south-east of Madagascar. The focus of this journey is to explore the untouched waterways between Fort Dauphin and Manafiafy. Travellers will kayak among lush mangroves, through crystal clear rivers and over open lakes. A typical day consists of a mix of kayaking, hiking, relaxing and some guided night-walks to see nocturnal animals. Fully serviced camping for three nights is part of the journey; the tents are fitted with stretcher beds, mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows and towels are provided. Each night clients can enjoy hot showers and all meals are prepared by our French trained chefs. The last 4 nights are spent in the 4-star Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge with plenty of activities on offer or just to spend time relaxing in this lush paradise.

This kayaking tour offers an amazing physical and visual experience that will allow you to paddle and explore the hidden spots of Madagascar’s south east fresh-water channels on a kayak.

With years of gained knowledge and our expertise in Madagascar we know what it takes to create an experience that is unique and different to anywhere you have travelled before. Click here to check out our facebook photo album

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