Why I Love Kenya

The sun rises in a cloudless sky letting the rays of lights warm up my room on an early Monday morning – there go my Monday blues. The aroma of freshly ground coffee tempts me to walk into the coffee shop where I am greeted with a sweet morning smile and a request for my order – “A Malindi macchiato and a chocolate croissant – warm please”.

As the chocolate melts in my mouth, the day suddenly looks brighter than it did when I woke up – my taste buds have been tickled with the sensation of sweetness and I continue to glide into my unfolding day.

I drive through the CBD – short for Nairobi’s central business district – an acronym that didn’t exist 5 years ago! I feel proud as I see tall buildings, bill boards and fly overs, and I laugh as carefree drivers pass me without seeing what I see! Oh how Nairobi has grown – there is excitement as Vision 2030 unfolds its futuristic plans of development and innovation.

I reach the entrance of one of the most unique places in the world – the gates to a national park located in a capital city – the only one of its kind on the planet! As I drive through, everything around me comes to life. The leaves start to rustle as a whisper of wind begins. A giraffe looks straight at me as I drive right past him and the plains start to reveal themselves to me as I move deeper into the Nairobi National Park. I look left and see Pumba cross the dirt path with little mini warthogs trailing after him. I look right and a flock of birds take off as the vehicle ahead of me passes them. As I delve into the mysteries of the park, a stunning sight greets my eyes – the presence of wildlife with the backdrop of a city! Where else can I see this?

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