Ethiopian National Palace to open for tourists

Ethiopian historical palaces across the country, including the National Palace, will open for tourists after rehabilitation, serving as 'life museums', displaying the life-style and family of the kings.

The government is working to make areas from the National Palace, around Kazanchis to the Palace of Minilik II at Arat Kilo, tourist destinations.

One of the historic palaces, the Castle of Emperor Yohannes IV at Mekele, has already opened for tourists following rehabilitation works and has two buildings valued at 82 million Birr.

The second palace to be rehabilitated is that of King Minilik II, located in Addis Ababa around Arat Kilo area, now the seat of the Prime Minister of the country. 462 million Birr has been allocated for the rehabilitation of 10 buildings at this site. The 100-year-old palace will be open for tourists in two years.