Solio Lodge Achieves Silver Under Kenya's Eco Rating Scheme

Congratulations to Solio Lodge for achieving silver certification under Kenya’s Eco-rating Scheme, a sustainable tourism certification program that aims to promote responsible tourism in Kenya. Solio was assessed in January 2014 and achieved the silver eco-rating - a fantastic achievement for an entry level. 

The programs focus is to recognise best practices in environmental conservation, responsible resource use and socio-economic investment among tourism accommodation facilities by awarding qualified applicants assessed under the scheme with a Bronze, Silver or Gold eco-rating certification based on their performance.

Below are some of the initiatives that we have implemented at Solio Lodge to achieve this rating:

  • There is a nutritional veg garden at Solio Lodge
  • All organic waste is donated to a local pig farmer
  • There is a waste policy in place with a reduce reuse recycle policy. This goes hand in hand with trying to buy produce from local suppliers and trying to reduce packaging and transport.
  • The Safari Collection has introduced a policy to reduce the use of plastic bottles was implemented across the company and every client is given a stainless steel water bottle
  • All The Safari Collection properties have a non toxic cleaning program in place and all products are bio degradable
  • The insecticide in the rooms is a natural pyrethreum based spray - non aerosol
  • All power and water use is monitored and systems have been put in place such as timer switches on sockets to reduce the power consumption and water metres to monitor water use