Ethiopia to feature in Lonely Planet Traveller with Dinknesh

Having enthused about Ethiopia to tour operators and the media alike, Kamili was delighted to be asked by ‘Lonely Planet Traveller’ magazine who were intrigued to find out if Ethiopia was every bit as exciting as we’d said! Ethiopia continues to attract more and more interest from tourists looking for a totally unique experience – a blend of history, culture and wildlife.

Expert Ethiopia-based DMC, Dinknesh delivered up an excellent itinerary that perfectly matched journalist Oliver Smith’s specific requirements – just like tailoring a trip for one of your demanding clients!

With huge thanks to Rainbow Tours, who kindly sponsored Oliver and award winning photographer Phillip Lee Harvey’s flights, they travelled in March this year and spent 12 days visiting the stunning north, especially the rock hewn churches of Lalibela.

Ollie’s feet had hardly touched back down in the UK before he called Kamili’sPR, Adele Cutler, to express his new-found love for Ethiopia.. And they’ve listened back at the magazine, too. The feature has been increased to 10 pages and brought forward to appear in a summer edition of the popular publication.

“From start to finish we were profoundly impressed by Dinknesh's professionalism and the care and attention that went into our itinerary. There was almost nothing about Ethiopia our guide did not know. I'd thoroughly recommend Dinknesh" said Oliver Smith of Lonely Planet Traveller magazine.