Steppes Travel Launches New Dynamic Family Portfolio Full Of Action And Wildlife Adventure

At Steppes Travel, family holidays go beyond the very lovely but very ordinary villa holidays.  Children are thrown into hearty and wild adventures:  

Camping, trekking, riding, meeting local tribes, and wildlife tracking - which all ensure they go back to school with some pretty 'cool' stories. Let boys swap their lightsabers for the real thing - the arrow in Bhutan, the sword in Japan and the spear in India.  Let wildlife enthusiasts go swimming with whale sharks, learn to be Junior Rangers and go in search of the Big 5 in Zimbabwe.  And for those keen on riding there is ranching in Nevada, riding on rickety yak carts in Mongolia and elephant trekking in India.

Anything is possible and everything is geared around the children.

For more information, visit the Steppes website.