Africa Geographic’s big move

Africa Geographic has dropped its monthly print magazine for a weekly online magazine (free to view) and annual print edition.

We have a thriving online and social media ecosystem with a rapidly growing audience and world-leading loyalty and engagement. In January our blog readers passed 200 000 unique people for the first time in any month, and on Facebook our community ( >400 000 on two pages and growing at >1 200 per day) has one of the highest engagement ratings of any commercial brand in the world. Our community comes from all walks of life but shares our passion for this great continent. Our plans are to make the most of that space and to improve on the massive growth rate we have experienced in the past year. We are upbeat and confident about our plans going forward.

We are sad in some ways to be moving away from monthly print magazines. At the same time we are very excited about the endless possibility of digital and the chance to spread Africa’s message to a far greater audience who will be able to engage with us and other readers through our dedicated online channels.

The NEW weekly online Africa Geographic magazine, first issue due mid 2014, will be compatible with all devices and screen sizes and make use of the latest developments in HTML. Each weekly issue will focus on just one or two key subjects – our motto being quality over quantity and our strategy being to supply regular small doses to suit modern day reading habits. Content spread will be broader than was the case in print, with the emphasis on insightful, granular stories from Africa not commonly found through Google. We have always emphasised photographic excellence and now we will set the bar even higher, and add video to the equation. Expect complete immersion in social media, with resultant conversations and share-ability with friends and networks.

The annual edition (print and digital), first volume due for release in June 2015, will focus on the best from Africa for that year, and feature an evolution in design and photographic excellence. Expect “The Africa Geographic Yearbook” to be the showcase of the best the continent has to offer.

The new online magazine, combined with our popular blog and social media channels, as well as the annual edition, will form a powerful ecosystem to keep any Africa-fan happy no matter what their device or location.

It’s an exciting (some would say “challenging”) time to be a publisher, and we’re hugely fortunate to be supported by such a large, active and growing online community. Keep the passion.

- Simon Espley, CEO, Africa Geographic